All services are provided subject to our conditions of carriage and storage:

Trading terms are strictly net 14 days from statement date. Alternative payment terms are available. Payment shall be made to DP Musson Pty Ltd only. Should the account not be paid within (50 days) we may cease all activities until account is paid up to date. An overdue account fee of $55.00 may apply on amounts outstanding after this period.
Direct credit payment of the account can be made into our Bank of Queensland Account, Church St North Parramatta account.

Rush reserves the right to alter its prices where additional services are required because of lack of precision in the Clients specifications, or the customer alters the specifications after the date of the quotation.
Account SUBJECT TO REVIEW with an open discussion following three (3) months of actual operation, then annual reviews on the anniversary dates.

Rush Express will always maintain an on-time delivery service but will not be liable in any way if a delivery is not made at a specific time due to vehicle delays that are out of our control.

Rush Express are not common carriers and do not hold goods insurance (transport or warehousing) unless requested and agreed in righting by both parties.

InsuranceInsurance for your product whilst in transit (or stored in our Warehouse) is subject to our Terms and Conditions of Carriage and Storage. Product stored in our warehouse or transported by Rush Express is done so at your own risk. No insurance is available through Rush Express
Property LienRush Express has a legal right to a lien on the property in relation to the title of stock held at Rush Express premises.
Fuel Levy SurchargeRush Express applies a Fuel Levy Surcharge to all transportation services. Rush Express monitors fuel prices and reviews the Fuel Levy Surcharge every month. All rates contained in this Rate Schedule are exclusive of Fuel Levy Surcharge.
Ex – GSTAll rates contained in this Rate Schedule are exclusive of GST which will be levied at the statutory rate on all services provided by Rush Express.
Proof of DeliveriesOn-line retrieval free of charge. The following rates apply if requested:

0 – 2 months $5.00 per request
3 – 6 months $11.00 per request
7 – 12 months $26.00 per request
Dangerous GoodsIt is the Sender’s responsibility to notify Rush Express at the time of booking if the goods to be picked up and delivered are classified as Dangerous Goods under NSW Legislation.
Toll ChargesToll Charges incurred in this rate Schedule are exclusive of GST which will be levied at the statutory rate on all services provided.
Rate ChangesRush Express will notify you, in writing, with five (5) business days’ notice of any changes to your rates. All rates will be reviewed on an annual basis and increased as required after considering factors such as the CPI. Rush Express reserves the right to review your rates if your account is not paid to the terms stated on the Credit Application.
Return of PaperworkAny requirement for return of customer paperwork may incur additional charges.
AmendmentsServices may be changed or discontinued without notice.