Pick – Pack (3PL)

Pick and pack is a part of our process that is commonly used for our distribution of goods. Picking the relevant product for each destination an the packaging of goods with shipping labels affixed with invoice or picking slip included.

Pick & Pack services entail taking ordered goods out of stock and packing them so they can be effectively shipped to the end customer. Rush offers a variety of flexible order fulfillment options including:

Breaking down pallets of cases for shipment of individual cases.

  • Picking individual items.
  • Customized orders to meet customer requirements.
  • Handling of cable drums.

For large scale pick, pack & service it is important for companies to select a third party logistics provider with proven experience providing these services as well as a reliable Courier and Taxi Truck company. Rush Express currently provides high volume pick/pack operations for a number of respected companies. With the established labor force, processes, and packaging equipment in place, Rush Express provides a reliable fulfillment service to its customers. 

In addition to its pick/pack services, Rush also offers a variety of other in conjunction including:

  • Product Labeling
  • Product Locations
  • Product bar-coding
  • Shrink-wrapping of goods

Pick Pack is for our warehouse to supply an order fulfilling process, which lowers costs, reduces fraud, saves time, and increases accuracy. No more late nights and weekends pulling and picking orders, dealing with part-time employees, storing and moving product in and out of storage units, garages, basements or back bedrooms that’s what Rush Express can do. With our major carriers we can ship worldwide for less than you can! We also buy packaging materials in bulk, which enables us to pass those discounts on to you.

Email your order to orders@rushexpress.com.au by 2pm for next day despatch anywhere in Australia using the Rush Express in-house transport service.